VUOL DIRE AMARE (Italian Edition)

VUOL DIRE AMARE (Italian Edition)
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A couple of years ago we met in Denver, and we had as a speaker a woman who runs the Italian American historical component at the Denver City Museum, and she talked about the history of the Italians in Denver. You have a Ph.

From a professional point of view, is there a distinctive element to describe the Italian American psychologists, something typical and different from the Americans of other heritage? We are a very small percentage of psychologists in this country, but we represent some important contribution in terms of what the Italian American psychologists have done.

I think that what is unique is the impact we had, just like the other Italians, throughout culture. If you look at the impact the Italians had in history throughout the whole world, it's amazing.

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We are a very small country, that has always had a very small population, but the Italian impact has been and still is tremendous. Yes, a remarkable scientist, and I'm proud to say that he's a very good friend of mine: his name is Professor Philip G. He is probably one of the top-five most famous living psychologists in the world. His work is known and studied all over the world. He is from a small town in Sicily called Cammarata, and he constantly goes back to his town, and he sponsors scholarships and educational centers so that people who are living in this small village can have a chance to go to college.

He did a world-famous research on the psychology of evil, called "The Stanford Prison Experiment. I can say without a doubt that he had a major impact on my desire to become a psychologist!

Vocabulario commune ad latino-italiano-français-English-deutsch pro usu de interlinguistas

It's a complex issue and I have mixed feelings about that. We have to recognize everything that he did, both the good and the bad, in terms of his contribution: and that's true with literally everybody. The biggest concern that people have is what Christopher Columbus did to the indigenous populations in this country.

But our U. Government did the same thing: we drove these Indians off of their reservations basically at gunpoint. Nobody is without sin, but I think we have to judge a bit more critically these situations, and I think Columbus is a really good example of that. Many things that he did were absolutely fabulous and groundbreaking, but there are things which he needs to be accountable for.

Never mind that in English, we would use the plural and that this is the correct translation. Notice that in every situation below, the English translation will be the same, and always in the plural, no matter which partitive is chosen! These expressions make general statements about things or places.

Vocabulario commune ad latino-italiano-français-English-deutsch pro usu de interlinguistas

It will be featured on Winners page shortly. From the table above, it is easy to see that English and Italian express hypothetical probable situations with a command in a very similar way! We accept a credit card or a debit card. The ending for scorso last is gender specific the ending changes to reflect the gender of the noun it describes. Mikela-july si for the 2 infinitives we should always make the first one short like this? TV Episodes View all.

Use the table below to see how these expressions work. The reflexive, direct, and indirect object pronouns come before the verb or are attached to the end of an infinitive verb after dropping the final infinitive — e.

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The verb dare to give is commonly used in conversation while dining and asking for food and other items to be passed around the table. In this situation, it also becomes necessary to say not only what item we are giving away, but to whom we are giving the item. In effect, we are combining direct and indirect object pronouns in the same sentence!

When both object pronouns refer to the same verb, the word order in Italian and rules are as follows in the table below:.

Use glie for men and women to replace le for women, as well as gli for men. We will list the English first, then the Italian, one step at a time, so that by the last example, both sentences will contain double object pronouns. Watch the placement of the pronouns, which stay after the verb in English, but take a position before the verb in Italian.

To help you follow this process, the verbs will be in green , the direct object pronouns will be in brown , and the indirect object pronouns will be in red. So far, so good. However, if we were looking for Caterina, we would need to also change the ending of the past participle of the verb to agree with the feminine direct object pronoun ending, which we have just dropped! And, finally, for the plural forms, when referring to two males or a male and a female, we need to use the direct object li and the letter i for the past participle.

If we should see two women, we would use the direct object le and the letter e for the past participle. Roberta met a boy called Carl who was much younger than her, during an air raid on the beach.

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At a certain point, the lovers tried to escape to Bologna on the train. If you want, I will give it to you and you can see for yourself. Although both nouns translate as the English word reservation , the use of each Italian word varies with the situation. The word riservato can also be used as an adjective. And what should we do if we want to confirm a reservation? Also, as always, be polite and add per favore to the end of the sentence! Can you talk about what you did on your Italian beach vacation using the past tense correctly—over the phone?

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At the end will be an introduction to the future tense as well! It turns out that the daughter has been enjoying a vacation on the beaches of Sicily. And… by the way, the southern coast of Sicily has beautiful beaches and really is a destination for windsurfing! Una mattina, mentre Francesca stava preparando la prima colazione per se stessa e suo figlio che si chiama Carlo, i due hanno sentito lo squillo del cellulare. One morning, while Frances was preparing breakfast for herself and her son Carl, they heard the cell phone ring.

Ha preso il cellulare dal tavolino e ha risposto. He took the cell phone from the end table and answered it. Chi parla?

Ti passo mamma. Era Anna, la figlia di Francesca, che era appena tornata dalla vacanza in Sicilia! Francesca aveva ricevuto qualche messaggio da Anna sul cellulare, ma non si erano parlate a telefono per tre settimane. Frances had received some texts from Anna on the cell phone, but they had not spoken to each other on the phone for three weeks.

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Dove sei? Sei ancora alla stazione? Tell me! Where are you? Are you still at the station? I will pick you up before work. Who can come to pick me up at the station, you or Carl? Era bella la spiaggia in Sicilia? Was the weather nice? Was the beach nice in Sicily? Eravamo in Sicilia! La spiaggia era molto bella. Mi piace molto la zona di Ragusa, lo sai. Ti ho mandato molte foto via SMS.

Non le hai ricevute? We were in Sicily! The beach was very beautiful. I love the area around Ragusa, you know. I texted a lot of photos to you. Mi sono rilassata molto. In any case, I met him by chance on the beach. There were three guys near me.