Urchins of Dump City

is my sea urchin taking a dump?
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Unfortunately for them, the grill is still on and all of their feet get burned. SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs each jump into a bathroom stall cooling off their feet. The three try new ways to get the urchin out of the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob tries to catch it in a bucket but ends up getting smashed into the wall and ends up in the bucket himself. Krabs tries to hurt the urchin by smashing a broom on it but Mr.

Krabs gets beaten up in the process. SpongeBob then tells Squidward to stop the urchin before it gets into the dining room but he only steps aside allowing the urchin to pass by. The urchin causes trouble in the dining room by being on a Krabby Patty, being swallowed then coughed back out by a fish, and even has a lady eat off one of its quills. The urchin goes back into the kitchen much to SpongeBob, Mr.

Krabs, and Squidward's reliefs. However, when SpongeBob mentions the urchin, the customers suddenly start running all over the place causing chaos. Plankton, meanwhile, is heading up to the Krusty Krab with another plan at stealing the Secret Formula by using glasses as a disguise.


A new children's book called The Urchins of Dump City. Chapters & Original Front Cover Design And Comments. Click.

However, he ends up being trampled by the customers and heads inside to see what is going on. Krabs isn't happy to see him as he states that they have enough pests already. Plankton is confused until he looks over to see the urchin. Plankton jumps onto SpongeBob's face saying how he hates those things. He concludes that he cannot steal the Secret Formula with the urchin running around and promises that he won't steal the formula until after the urchin is caught.

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Krabs reluctantly agrees to the temporary truce claiming it will take a pest to catch a pest. Plankton then calls Karen on his cell phone telling her to send over his Death Robot. Then after he called Karen the robot appears in the Krusty Krab with Plankton saying that this is their champion. Krabs is angry but Plankton says it isn't in action mode yet. Plankton sets the robot to take out the urchin where it begins chasing it down. However, the robot viciously begins destroying everything in its path while trying to smash the urchin. The urchin eventually hides in Mr. Krabs' cash register and when the Death Robot tries to attack the register, Mr.

Krabs gets in the way.


The robot accidentally rips off Mr. Krabs' shell and arms then puts him back together. Krabs asks for the mallet from the robot then starts to smash it over and over again eventually turning it into a lunchbox. Krabs then calls for SpongeBob to open the register while he catches the urchin in the lunchbox. When SpongeBob opens the cash register, the urchin is seen eating Mr.

Krabs' money. Krabs, furious, then begins to smash apart his cash register, hoping he got the urchin. However, the urchin is on his mallet freaking out Mr. Squidward then appears grateful because his prickly plant is safe. When Plankton walks beside the plant, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs have an idea much to Plankton's worry. Krabs and SpongeBob then start to create a cactus costume for Plankton trying to make him look like the urchin. They also paint the costume blue and puts a pink bow on top thus making Plankton look like a female sea urchin even calling him Planktonella.

Krabs then throws Plankton into the kitchen, hoping that he'll try to lure the urchin out by charming it. Plankton walks around slowly until he finds the urchin. He works his charms which the urchin actually falling in love with him.

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Things get too tense for Plankton after the urchin touches him and Plankton ends up under the kitchen grill. Plankton then finds more sea urchins that then proceed to chase after him. Krabs and SpongeBob then block off the hole with the cash register boat and boarded up the back door preventing the urchins and Plankton from escaping.

Plankton is soon taken by the urchins asking for help. Squidward then wants to put an end to all of this and uses the thermostat to turn down the temperature in the kitchen causing Plankton and the urchins to slow down. He turns it all the way down causing them to freeze in place. SpongeBob is then ready with a trash can with Mr. Krabs turning back up the heat causing the urchins to defrost and fall into the trash can.

Krabs then tells SpongeBob to take the urchins farther and farther away many times. SpongeBob then stops and releases the urchins, not knowing, into the Krusty Krab. Ah that's all we need. There are perilous dark alleyways with tangled live cables hanging inches overhead.

Effects of Environmental Factors on Reproduction of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus Intermedius

Enticing aromas of home-cooked fish curries and incense give way to wafts of latrine. Most street doors are garlanded with marigolds for good luck. But it's dangerous work. He has seen knife-fights between gangs, paedophiles preying on the younger, weaker boys, and gangsters offering drugs — heroin, cannabis and solvents — to lure children into begging. According to Mohammed, violence is a way of life, and he and his gang are often the aggressors. Occasionally, when passengers refuse to pay his charge, he uses his fists to force them.

Passengers know they have to pay. Sometimes gangsters fight at the station or attack people with blades.

But there are no outsiders asking me for a share of my money," he says. There was a fight with my teacher and I ran away and took the train to Victoria Terminus. Now I go home to Dharavi every three months. It's much better there than at the station. It's cleaner in the slum. He doesn't believe the film exaggerates the lives of "slumdogs", except perhaps to add a glamour they could not imagine.

Seventeen-year-old Vijay disagrees.

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Five years ago he left his home in Benares, Uttar Pradesh, where he lived with his five brothers, two sisters and peasant farmer parents, searching for the glamour of Bollywood: he was desperate to meet his film heroes. He arrived at the station and never left, but he did at least get to meet two of his screen favourites — Abhishek Bachchan, the son of Amitabh and husband of former Miss World Aishwarya Rai, and Hrithik Roshan, when they visited a shelter for homeless children.

But in five years, that's all the glamour he has seen.

He owns only the dirty yellow T-shirt and grey cut-down trousers he's wearing, and cannot keep his eyes open during the film — he is exhausted after working all night scavenging for plastic bottles. No one has ever tried to make him beg, but he has heard of it. Some people give the children drugs so they will become beggars. Fourteen-year-old Rahul left his family's smallholding three years ago after he beat up a boy at school. He lives on platform 15, where he began by begging, then graduated to collecting plastic bottles, before joining Mohammed in the seat?

They took drugs and beat me up and threatened me with knives," he says. He makes only 50 rupees a day 60p because he is smaller than the others and cannot block as many seats. There's no money for fun.

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We do have some freedom, we can go around and see movies. He misses his family. Our slumdogs all agree that the violence in the film is, if anything, understated.

The Urchins of Dump City - A new children's book

Last year, one of their friends was stabbed to death by a Mumbai street hood, or "goonda". Nasir Sheikh, 21, had escaped the station, bought himself a slum hut and married.

Dump Run Waste City Landfill Garbage Management Trash Disposal

He discovered his wife had been lured into an affair with a small-time gangster and rushed to meet her when she called him asking for help. He was ambushed and stabbed with swords. The tussle with a gangster over a girl is echoed in the film, but no one walked away a "crorepati" millionaire like the hero of Slumdog does in his happy-ever-after ending with the beautiful Latika Freida Pinto at Victoria Terminus station.

None of the railway boys can imagine their own happy ending.