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But I was a little disappointed because the plot was so easy to figure out.

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I knew who the killer was and why he did it within the first chapter, and I was even more disappointed when I discovered, by the end of the book, that I was right. I would have liked it better if there had been some sort of twist to the story instead of it being the most likely suspect for the most obvious reason. However, I did enjoy the mix of mythology and real life in this story.

And then there were aspects from Greek mythology that were created and adapted to fit the world in which this story takes place — the biggest being the curse Aphrodite placed on Ares, Hermes, and Helios.

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The way the author used mythology as part of the characterization of each god and goddess was very creative. In all mythology stories, there are common characteristics among the gods.

There are many more that are so very creative, but it would be easier for you to read the book than it would be for me to tell you all of them. They are often selfish, whiny brats, and most of the characters in this story were no different. The only exceptions were Declan and Tadd.

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Because of their relationship, they spent more time and energy focusing about each other. The relationship between Declan and Tadd was already established at the beginning of the book.

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The think I liked about their relationship was that it was not completely perfect. Even when they were fighting there was still a bond of love that kept them together. There is a little bit of history given in regards to their relationship, but I would have liked to actually see some of that history — maybe a flashback or two over the centuries — to show how the relationship became such a stronghold. My biggest problem was with that the story was with the narration, and it is more of a personal preference really.

The story is written in third person POV in the present tense. Not registered?

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Few things have made me feel as horrible as collecting tiger stamps. There's only so much nightmare fuel I can take in one sitting. Oh well, at least the chibi skits are adorable. You are not worthy as my opponent User Info: darknile.

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When I downloaded Mirror Moon's 3. Its a wonderful chart walkthrough and you can see what requirements are needed to either gain or avoid Taiga dojo. Just completed HF path It would have had more impact.