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We will not find a solution to this Spanish internal conflict here in the European Parliament.

This conflict can only be solved by the Spanish people itself. The EU has neither the will nor the right to intervene in a true liberal democracy such as Spain. The dialogue has to be frank. The times in Europe in which division trumped compromise, hatred won over cooperation and egoism beat solidarity, have long gone. As a Bavarian, I know that nation states are compatible with proud regions.

Europe needs both strong nation states and regional diversity. For today we appeal to the Catalan authorities: do not take irreversible steps and please keep in mind that whoever leaves Spain, leaves the European Union. This means leaving the internal market, leaving the Schengen area and leaving the Eurozone. Europe is living in historic times. This morning, we asked for more European cooperation in our debate.

The European way of life does not need division, but unity in diversity. The European way of life needs not more nationalism but more cooperation. The European way of life needs not more egoism but solidarity and the willingness to compromise. We are sorry for all people hurt. We support the Spanish Government and the politicians who respect the rule of law and we ask everybody for a constructive, peaceful dialogue in a European spirit. Dimentichiamo per un attimo le nostre appartenenze: dobbiamo pronunciare una parola sola: "Parad"!

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A volte basta un gesto per cambiare il corso della storia. Mi rivolgo, innanzitutto, al governo della Generalitat catalana. E lo dico esplicitamente: una dichiarazione unilaterale di indipendenza sarebbe un'ulteriore provocazione e getterebbe benzina sul fuoco dopo l'inutile referendum di domenica: un plebiscito unilaterale imposto in aperta violazione della Costituzione democratica e dello Stato di diritto.

Il referendum non era legale, lo abbiamo detto in molti e non si tratta di un'arguzia giuridica.


In questi giorni, mentre in Spagna si discute di secessione, in Germania si celebra l'anniversario della riunificazione tedesca. Serve un nuovo inizio. We have just heard it talking about a union of values, but when we view the actions of the Commission in the handling of this particular situation in Catalonia, it looks more like a union of selective values.

The double standards of the Commission is something that leaps to the eye. All are equal, but some are more equal than others. Everything depends on who is involved.

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Let us be honest, ladies and gentlemen, if it were another Member State rather than Spain, the consequences and the rhetoric from the Commission would have been far harsher. This polarises the debate and pushes Member States and its voters further away from the EU. I urge the Commission to practice the virtue of self-restraint, but consistently, not selectively.

Coming to Catalonia, I do believe — a rather simple-minded observation but always worth repeating — that significant progress can be made through patient negotiations. Whether and how soon an effective resolution is possible in Catalonia, I do not know, and very few people, if anyone, in this Chamber knows that. I wish to be honest with our Spanish colleagues: riot police and violent scenes have not helped but shocked and, whatever your intentions, those scenes will continue to be a part of the image of your government for some time.

Let us admit it, the handling of the crisis was appalling. It was really appalling. What are the next steps to be taken?


Whether it involves constitutional reform, or the granting of a referendum or international mediation, the role of the Commission is probably as an intermediary or a go-between. It is for the Spanish Government, Spanish society and the Catalonian people to decide for themselves. However, I do caution that the passions of those citizens in Catalonia seeking a new settlement is unlikely to fade away by simply drowning out or ignoring the voices of dissent.

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To sum it up, the action of the riot police, the conspicuous silence or the Aesopian language of the European Commission will not make the problem disappear. Despite the shots, not one of them blinked, an act of courage and determination that anchored forever democracy in Spanish souls. Spanish democracy was born under the pistol of the putschist Tejero, so no one among us has to give a lesson in democracy to Spain.

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Now, 36 years later, Spanish democracy has to surmount itself again — to surmount this deep division and to overcome this existential crisis. It has to do so not by believing that the judiciary can solve the problems on its own, and certainly not by using deplorable violence, even though it is based on a court ruling. In other words, this cannot be done just by relying on the power of the state. No, what we need is a renewed political vision, an inclusive dialogue, a vision that the future and the interest of all people living in Spain lies in a multicultural, multilingual, federal state embedded in a multicultural, multilingual, federal Europe.

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Condition: Used - Good. La iniciativa de las leyes corresponde:. Tener la nacionalidad venezolana por nacimiento. De momento estoy bastante conforme y ahora puedo descansar mejor. View Larger Image. Initially, this could seem surprising, but it should not be if we take into account the organic characteristics of that institution: on the one hand it was partially formed by the privileged classes church representatives and Grandees of Spain which enabled it to be incorporated into an aristocratic chamber; on the other hand its members were proposed by the Courts and chosen by the King, so it could be understood that they held a position between the two powers This was the case of the Portuguese liberal representatives who created the Portuguese Constitution in

It is true that you cannot go against the law and it is also true that you cannot govern without the law, but it is even more true that you cannot solve such a deep division only with the law. You also need to listen, to try to understand each other, to have dialogue and to talk with each other. That is the only way to find solutions, and that is the real strength of good politicians and of statesmen. To my friends in Catalonia, it is not in the interests of your citizens to pursue separatism at all costs. That the referendum was against the Constitution is not my main point.

The point is that this referendum simply lacked basic democratic legitimacy. You knew very well in advance that a majority of Catalans would not participate and would stay at home, as the majority of them are against separation. It is not by accident that you did not even install a minimum threshold. So the result of this referendum was already known before it began. What do you call this? Moreover, to declare independence based on the outcome of a defective referendum is totally irresponsible, not so much for Spain, not so much for Europe, but for Catalonia itself.

It will cause a fatal fracture in your society, a fracture that may be impossible to heal. Who is going to profit from this gamble?

by Molina, Pedro

The anti-Europeans who, as we know, want to destroy our union and who have already started to abuse your cause and violate our treaties today. I urge all sides to stop the escalation and to go and sit around the table. The spirit there, around that table, has to be the understanding that the future of more than 70 European nations, the future of Catalonia, the future of my own Flemish community, lies not in brutal separation but lies in deep cooperation — cooperation inside federal structures in a federal Europe.

Look a little bit — if I can ask that — to your own Basque countrymen. Look at what they have achieved, how they have developed their country, defeating terrorism and reinventing themselves, proud and autonomous. Finally, let me say that in politics it is not shameful to make compromises. The opposite is true. I have done it all my life and I am still alive.

The Spanish vision of Canada’s Clarity Act: from idealization to myth : Perspectives on Federalism

But, moreover, when you have to make a choice between the steps forward of a compromise or the standstill due to purity, then choose the way forward, however small the steps may be. Nous vous demandons, M. Le dialogue doit donc reprendre et nous devons le favoriser. We saw peaceful citizens confronted with a huge police force ready to use all the force they had.

Families, pensioners, people of all backgrounds, were confronted with a state that was willing to use almost all means to stop the referendum from taking place. The world was watching while this was happening, while the riot police met people with brutality, charging with batons and even firing rubber bullets.