Electric Shock

Electric shock
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If the person is faint, pale, or shows other signs of shock , lay him or her down, with the head slightly lower than the trunk of the body and the legs elevated, and cover him or her with a warm blanket or a coat. Electrical injury is frequently associated with explosions or falls that can cause additional severe injuries. You may not be able to notice all of them.

Do not move the person's head or neck if the spine may be injured. If you are a passenger in a vehicle struck by a power line, remain in it until help arrives unless a fire has started. If necessary, try to jump out of the vehicle so that you do not maintain contact with it while also touching the ground.

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First Aid - Electric Shock

Electrical injury. Electric current can cause injury in four ways: Cardiac arrest due to the electrical effect on the heart Muscle, nerve, and tissue destruction from a current passing through the body Thermal burns from contact with the electrical source Falling or injury after contact with electricity. Electrical injury can be caused by: Accidental contact with power outlets, power cords, orexposed parts of electrical appliances or wiring Flashing of electric arcs from high-voltage power lines Lightning Machinery or occupational-related exposures Young children biting or chewing on electrical cords, or poking metal objects into an electrical outlet Electrical weapons such as a Taser.

Symptoms depend on many things, including: Type and strength of voltage How long you were in contact with the electricity How the electricity moved through your body Your overall health Symptoms may include: Changes in alertness consciousness Broken bones Heart attack chest, arm, neck, jaw, or back pain Headache Problems with swallowing, vision, or hearing Irregular heartbeat Muscle spasms and pain Numbness or tingling Breathing problems or lung failure Seizures Skin burns. Call your local emergency number, such as Stay with the person until medical help arrives.

First Aid 101: Electric Shocks

DO NOT get within 20 feet 6 meters of a person who is being electrocuted by high-voltage electrical current such as power lines until the power is turned off. DO NOT touch the person with your bare hands if the body is still touching the source of electricity. DO NOT apply ice, butter, ointments, medicines, fluffy cotton dressings, or adhesive bandages to a burn. DO NOT remove dead skin or break blisters if the person has been burned.

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When to Contact a Medical Professional. Call your local emergency number, such as , if a person has been injured by electricity.

Electric shock

Under certain circumstances, even a small amount of electricity can be fatal. Electricity can also cause strong muscle contractions that can cause injury. Burns are usually most severe at the points of contact with the electrical source and the ground. A shock can affect the nervous system Nerves are tissue that offers very little resistance to the passage of an electric current. How to Fall Asleep in 10, 60, or Seconds. When ventricular fibrillation occurs, the heart stops pumping and the blood stops circulating.

Avoid electrical hazards at home and at work. Always follow the manufacturer's safety instructions when using electrical appliances. Avoid using electrical appliances while showering or wet. When an object or person has extra electrons, it has a negative charge.

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Things with opposite charges are always attracted to each other, so positive charges seek negative ones and negative ones seek positives. Got it?

If you scuff your feet on your living room rug, you pick up extra electrons and have a negative charge. Electrons move more easily through certain materials like metal, which scientists call conductors. When you touch a doorknob or something else made of metal , which has a positive charge with few electrons, the extra electrons want to jump from you to the knob.

That tiny shock you feel is a result of the quick movement of these electrons. You can think of a shock as a river of millions of electrons flying through the air. Pretty cool, huh? Static electricity happens more often during the colder seasons because the air is drier, and it's easier to build up electrons on the skin's surface.

In warmer weather, the moisture in the air helps electrons move off of you more quickly so you don't get such a big static charge. So, the next time you get a little shock from touching a doorknob, you'll know that it's just electrons jumping around.