Develop Your Senses to Sell Better

Sensory marketing: Strategies for a sensational campaign
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Or possibly the smell — good or bad — the perfume a sales associate was wearing. Now imagine the last store you visited that left you visually pleased.

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Were you inspired by displays? Did you see products that were memorable? Possibly you saw something for the first time that you have never seen before? Customers have five natural responses to everything in their lives, and that includes shopping. While there are exceptions, the majority of customers have five ways to be engaged — or disenchanted — by the stores they visit. Looking at the five senses below, consider how you can better support your customers in ALL areas.

To help achieve this, identify if your store is comfortable for anyone to walk around.

What Is Sensory Marketing?

Now imagine if they have a strolller, wheelchair, cane or other walking aid. Additionally, having well-lit, very attractive displays will engage customers to want to shop more. Remember that signage is a tool to aid you in appealing to this sense, so be sure to use it wisely.

Keeping products at eye level that welcome touch is also a good idea. Another thought to consider is if your customers may have kids in tow. If this is a common occurrence, determine how you can keep the kids touching things other than your inventory. Smells can be incorporated in subtle ways, for example, you can have a vase with fresh flowers at your consultation table, adding a pleasant smell to an area where a customer will spend most of their time in your shop. Lindstrom conducted a study on the cell phone industry, and he discovered that 35 percent of consumers reported that they care more about the way their phone feels than its actual design.

That is about a third of consumers that would like to touch the product to know how it feels. This is a significant portion of consumers, so employing a sense of touch in your store is a must. Many brands incorporate a sense of touch, think of products you see at a store. Many of them include openings so that you can feel the texture of the product. Touch may be the easiest sense to employ in your shop. Letting your customers feel the materials makes the finished framed piece that more realistic.

This not only helps you make the sale, but it also helps educate your customers. This article is intended for educational purposes only and does not replace independent professional judgment. Statements of fact and opinions expressed are those of the author s individually and, unless expressly stated to the contrary, are not the opinion or position of Tru Vue or its employees.

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Why Great Brands Appeal To All 5 Senses - Business Insider

Low-tempo music causes shoppers to move slower, but it also causes them to buy more. Share this Article:.

Tracy, that number is from Dan Hill and his book About Face. Do you think the number is higher? The number is incorrect — and I guess the question is who are the the top brands being referenced.

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What criteria warrants the title fortune — globally? I know at least 20 companies for example who would be on the top that have custom scents associated with their brand. Was the aroma strategically designed as part of a sensory connection — for some yes — for some no — the aroma accidental in the development — BUT the number he refers to is too low. I find it frustrating — not by your self of course but many article — books — blogs are quoting inaccurate information on scent branding specifically. I completed a custom blend this summer for a firm — they are not top at all — but the point is many companies do ask the question what does our brand smell like?

Many firms from all levels of business — companies do understand how powerful aroma is. Cheers Roger — always love your work! This could make for a great political marketing piece.

The Science of Sensory Marketing

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