Der Totengräber (Horror-Roman) (German Edition)

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So drained are the public budgets, that it was left to shoe entrepreneur Diego Della Valle, to put up 25 million euros to restore the Coliseum, whose inauguration under the Roman Emperor Titus was followed by days of public spectacles. Beautiful Venice is also turning to private health care for help with its hospitals; Bulgari has lined the Bridge of Sighs with its own advertisements to help in its rehabilitation.

Die Augenzeugin // The Witness

Italy is the country with the most sites protected by Unesco 47 and is a savage example that history does not always move forward. The 2. Europe is being torn apart at the classic seams from which it emerged.

H. P. Lovecraft: Das Grauen auf dem Friedhof [Hörbuch, deutsch]

Germany, so enthused about Greeks and Latins in the 19th century, now looks to Greece as the gangrenous foot it would be a good idea to amputate. The cuts Germany is demanding are thinning out public and private purses: by this past June, the budget of the Greek Ministry of Culture had suffered a reduction of 35 percent, and for and other cuts are in the works — less money to protect and to guard. Perhaps that will make it easier to pull off again what happened in February at the Museum of Olympia, when an armed robbery showed the glaring cost of cutting back on staff and resources.

This was further underlined in January, when a Picasso and a Mondrian were stolen at from the National Gallery of Athens, when only one watchman was left to guard the treasures. And what is happening in Spain? The glory of its past left vulnerable to its shaky future? In Unesco's second-most protected country, with 44 sites, something paradoxical is happening.

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Sites will struggle for funding to allow them to be preserve, but fewer will fall victim to the march of development and new building. The party-days of speculation are over, and with them, the major threats to Spanish heritage. The tourniquets are tightened to choking point in the south, but there are other models.

France, which has nothing to brag about either, has also pruned back the heritage conservation bodies' budgets.

In it budgeted In this multi-speed Europe, Germany is going its own way when it comes to culture. Subscribe for game recommendations, clips, and more. Add to collection.

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