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Tracking A Wounded Deer
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The guy stuck it and bled it out. We checked the buck over and I was surprised at what we found. The deer was hit on top of its right hindquarter, basically a deep flesh wound laid open. Today there are many modern-day conveniences that can help you greatly as far as to knowing where you hit when bow hunting, such as blood illuminating flash lights or the illuminated nock points. One other thing that will help aid is watching for crows or ravens, especially if you have to leave your deer overnight.

Many times these birds can and will find your kill before you even begin tracking in the morning. When leaving an animal overnight, the best time to get back out there is at first light. Reason being the dew is settled and it actually keeps the blood wet and easier to spot, compared to later where it gets dried from the sun and wind making it tough to see against all the different colors in the fall leaves, and if you ever tracked you know what I'm talking about, it can be difficult.

There is a possibility of predators getting your kill overnight. I would rather share a small portion of my kill with the coyotes, than lose the entire animal because I did a poor track job and never recovered it. Now taking this all into consideration, my breakdown is this. Gut shot animals I leave overnight hands down.

On a good solid hit lungs, heart or major artery, let them sit a half hour and go get them. Any other marginal hit I get on them within 20 minutes to a half hour; keeping the blood flowing and bleeding will put them down and keep them from clotting up. If you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense and works. Pay attention to signs that are left behind, disturbed leaves, crushed vegetation or dew wiped off of the grass or weeds.

Keep an open mind, be diligent and take your time, and pay attention while looking. Not every shot is perfect and we owe it to the game we pursue to make the recovery as quick as possible. So the next time you're faced with the task of tracking a deer or any other critter, keep what I've wrote in mind. Tracking starts the moment the shot goes and every detail can and will aid you in the recovery of that animal. Keep in mind that every animal you track adds more experience and helps one gain knowledge and insight that will be beneficial in making the next tracking job more efficient and successful.

Good Luck!

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Deer Tracking Tips Notice the direction the deer or other game was traveling when you shot. Notice where the game is standing when you shoot. Look carefully for the exact area of the entrance wound or for a protruding shaft of an arrow after the shot. If the game runs after the shot, note the spot the deer was standing and the direction of travel as it ran. If you know you hit the deer and it runs off, wait at least 30 minutes before trailing. Before you begin trailing, mark the location from which you shot. Always walk in the direction your bullet or arrow traveled, checking for nicks in vegetation or any other signs that your shot was possibly deflected.

Carefully inspect the area that the deer was standing when the shot was made. Look for blood and hair at the scene. Lots of hair usually means a grazing shot, while a little hair means a body shot. If there is mostly brown hair the shot was high, mostly white, the shot was low. If there are bone fragments at the scene there is a possibility of a leg hit. Mark this area and don't disturb it, you may have to return later. When you find the blood trail always walk beside it, not on it, do not destroy the clues.

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If you lose the blood trail , go to the spot the last blood was found an mark it. Look for any other sign that may indicate the direction of travel of the deer i. Search in a circular pattern around the last spot of blood you found. If you still cannot locate the game, go get help. Every effort must be made to retrieve a wounded animal before resuming the hunt. You cannot predict the behavior of a wounded deer.

Tracking A Wounded Deer - Big Game Logic

Once you start trailing, move quickly to avoid giving blood time to dry and become harder to find. Always be ready to shoot, never assume the animal is dead. Blood Sign Heart, lung or large blood vessel hit: Fine droplets sprayed on both sides of the trail for 75 to yards, sometimes several feet up on trees and vegetation.

Usually a clean kill and the deer should not travel far. Gut shot food particles and putrid smelling blood. Blood trail is difficult to find at the location the shot was made. Bloody spots appear in about the first yards and steadily decrease.

Do not follow this deer too closely. Allow hours before trailing.

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In other words, we all have lives outside the lives that we play when a reader opens the book. She is only human, after all. Scratching Clawing frantically Wildly raking with my fingers, Trying to hold on To something you can't see Or taste or touch But feel Deep within you When you finally find home. Blindness When everything goes dark, you can't seem to know who you are anymore. So I turn away from those eyes, the exact color of honey; from that mouth, its lips parted just the tiniest bit, as if she might be about to speak my name. You were always talking about what the mermaids looked like, or what the writing on the rock wall looked like. Southern Florida is a fast-developing area and certain developments such as Ave Maria near Naples , are controversial for their location in prime panther habitat.

The deer will bleed to death when it beds down if you don't chase it. Leg, back muscle, neck, or body cavity hit Large spots of blood at the spot where the animal was hit, turning to continuous drops that diminish after about yards. Bleeding continues while the animal is moving but stops when the animal lies down.

The Start Tracking starts the moment that trigger is squeezed or that arrow sets sail. What Helps Tracking? How to Track Deer First thing we always do is look for blood, hair or intestinal matter. Aspects to Pay Attention to While Tracking Deer When tracking, if you pay attention, you can actually read what I call stages the animal is going through.

Pay Attention to Blood When you first start tracking, pay attention to where the blood is that you find. Look for Changes in the Nearby Environment There are other clues besides obvious blood trails that can help figure out what direction the animal is going.

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Notice the Direction the Animal is Heading Pay attention to the direction the animal is approaching such roads; it'll give you an idea which way it followed along the road. Pay Attention to Other Animals One other thing that will help aid is watching for crows or ravens, especially if you have to leave your deer overnight.

Conclusion So the next time you're faced with the task of tracking a deer or any other critter, keep what I've wrote in mind. More filters. Sort order. Dec 06, Dawn Pressel rated it liked it. Jan 30, Laura Wolf rated it really liked it. Cute shifter stories with steamy sex and Quick reads. Each book moves into the next revisiting some of the previous characters. Funny part. Wolf to Reindeer I love your rack. Jul 09, April rated it really liked it Shelves: , amazon-review-posted , interracial , paranormal , romance , reviewed , sexy-naughty-books , shifters.

This was a shorter read in the series. A really good story about two opposites attracting. Predator and Prey make a love match!

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Venny is a great character, independent and strong. It is too bad she does not see her own uniqueness as a plus. But it is easy to think you are wrong when that is all you ever here. Athon started out as a bit of a jerk but then you find that is just his gruff exterior. He ends up being deliciously Alpha and uber supportive! Another great tall about the Crossroad and I can This was a shorter read in the series.